T1 Takes the Spotlight: League of Legends World Champions Featured on South Korean TV Shows

After securing a decisive 3-0 victory over Weibo Gaming to claim the title of 2023League of Legends World Champions, T1 has stepped into the mainstream spotlight, making notable appearances on various South Korean television programs.

The entire T1 League of Legends team recently graced the set of the popular TV show "Knowing Bros," where they joined forces with Kang Ho-dong, a renowned TV show host in Korea, and former K-pop idol from Super Junior, Kim Heechul. The show's unique concept involves participants dressing as high school students, fostering a friendly atmosphere that sidesteps traditional Korean honorifics, enabling more open and candid conversations between guests and hosts.

T1 Takes the Spotlight: League of Legends World Champions Featured on South Korean TV Shows 1

During their time on the show, T1 engaged in discussions covering a spectrum of topics, ranging from their triumphant journey at Worlds and recent contract renewals to the hurdles they've encountered over the past two years. The conversation also delved into the dynamics of giving and receiving feedback within the team during challenging moments.

T1's Candid Discussion on Feedback and Emotional Responses

When queried about whether disagreements arise during challenging times, T1's jungler, Moon "Oner" Hyeon-joon, acknowledged that conflicts do occur, but the team strives to resolve them amicably. Adding a touch of humor, Heechul remarked, "Gumayusi and Keria can't help but engage in intense disagreements, akin to a couple in the bot lane."

T1 Takes the Spotlight: League of Legends World Champions Featured on South Korean TV Shows 2

Another intriguing question revolved around whether T1's mid laner, Lee "Gumayusi" Min-hyeong, ever felt hurt by the actions of T1's support, Ryu "Keria" Min-seok. Gumayusi candidly admitted, "You know, even big people are emotional. There have been instances when I felt a bit hurt by the tone of his voice."

Keria offered insights, explaining that he typically starts with a gentle approach, but there are moments when a firmer tone is necessary to convey his point. "I realized that sometimes I have to speak firmly to get my point across," he shared.

Gumayusi clarified that the sensitivity lies not in specific words but often in the mood or nuance of the situation. He expressed being hurt when "Keria doesn't make eye contact while talking or if the tone of his voice is a bit aggressive."

Keria responded by revealing that his focus on the game sometimes leads to such communication habits. In exploring these dynamics, cultural stereotypes, particularly the perception of men from Busan, Keria's hometown, being traditionally firm and masculine, may play a role in these interactions rather than Keria's actual personality.