Smolder the Arrow-Shooting Dragon: Release Date and Features of Debut in League of Legends

The release date of the new arrow-shooting dragon in League of Legends has been revealed. According to an announcement on the official MOBA website, Smolder is set to be released as part of patch 14.3. This information is available but not on all languages.

Details about Smolder's release are only provided in certain versions of the portal, including Russian, Romanian, Greek, and Brazilian. On other languages, only an article with a description of the dragon's abilities, presented alongside the champion's gameplay trailer, has been published.

Strictly speaking, Smolder is already accessible on the test server. Typically, the testing phase for a new champion lasts two weeks, so many internal sources believe that its official release will coincide with the launch of patch 14.2, scheduled for January 24.

However, update 14.3 is expected only by February 7. It is possible that Riot Games representatives on-site made mistakes by posting articles in their respective languages. Alternatively, the developers might have decided to delay the dragon's release to more thoroughly balance it in light of significant changes planned for the 14th season.

Smolder will become the 167th champion in League of Legends. Following its introduction to the game, the appearance of another champion is anticipated – a mid-range mage from Freljord. Details about this new character remain unknown at the moment.