Bang retires from League of Legends

Bay 'Bang' Yoon-sik reached out to everyone on social media and revealed that he is ending his League of Legends playing career. This time, he is confident that the statement is very serious and Bang will never return to his activities.

As the main reason, he named leaving for a military unit, where he will repay his debt to his homeland. According to the player, over 10 years, the Korean managed to make many interesting and very useful acquaintances, as well as achieve a lot of success in his career, as evidenced by his prize money.

Bei Yun-sik wrote the following:

Hello everyone, this is Bang.

I have been a professional player for 10 years and now I am officially declaring my retirement as they will be doing their duty in the military service.

During my time in League of Legends as a professional player, I was able to forge many valuable relationships, accumulate precious memories and achieve various achievements in my life.

These experiences make me feel happy and very grateful for everything that happened.

I know that in the future there will be new things and experiences that will be different from the world in which I was, however, I use my experience and achievements to move forward productively.

Thanks again for your support from professional player Bang, which has emanated from you to this day. I'll be back soon as a better version of Bang.

It's no exaggeration to call Bang one of the most successful League of Legends players. The cybersportsman has won many victories at major tournaments. It was he who helped Faker and his fellow T1 teammates win the 2015 World Championship and defend the 2016 World Championship a year later. The last two biggest accomplishments include winning the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational and finishing second at the 2017 World Championship. Bei Yun-sik has earned $ 1,057,318 in prize money over his ten-year career, making him the third richest player in League of Legends. He is second only to his T1 teammates, Lee 'Duke' Ho-seung at $ 1,151,427, and permanent leader Lee 'Faker' Sang-hyuk, who almost surpassed the $ 1,500,000 mark, stopping at $ 1,498,711.

Bang's main achievements