Reviving a Classic: Experience Halo 3's Sandtrap Like Never Before in Halo Infinite's Forge

An innovative gamer has recently unveiled their remarkable recreation of the iconic Halo 3 map, Sandtrap, using Halo Infinite's Forge mode. Since its original introduction in 2007, Sandtrap has been celebrated as one of the Halo series' most beloved maps. Now, thanks to the advanced capabilities of Halo Infinite's Forge, this classic map has been meticulously reimagined and is available for play in the game's expansive sandbox.

Forge mode in Halo Infinite represents the pinnacle of the tool's evolution, offering unprecedented flexibility and creative possibilities compared to its initial introduction alongside Sandtrap in Halo 3. The community has leveraged these advanced tools to not only recreate cherished maps but also to rebuild entire campaign missions from the franchise's history, highlighting the extensive potential of the current Forge mode. The incorporation of AI into Forge has revolutionally expanded the creative horizon for map designers.

The revamped Sandtrap, aptly renamed Sandstone by its creator, Redditor okom_, showcases an exceptional level of detail and accuracy, from its vast terrains to its meticulously crafted surroundings. Adapted to complement Halo Infinite’s dynamic gameplay, Sandstone preserves the essence of the original Sandtrap, offering a seamless blend of nostalgia and innovation. Okom_ has also provided links for players eager to explore this updated version firsthand.


Sandtrap Reimagined for Halo Infinite

Beyond a simple map remake, the creator has introduced a variant of Sandtrap designed specifically for the Firefight mode in Halo Infinite. This adaptation allows players to engage in PvE battles against waves of AI adversaries, a departure from the map’s traditional PvP setup. Gameplay footage suggests that Firefight adapts well to Sandtrap's layout, offering strategic locations for players to defend against their foes. While the map features the iconic Elephant vehicle, it unfortunately remains stationary in this version.

The evolution of Halo Infinite since its launch is a testament to the dedication of 343 Industries. The game has undergone significant improvements, emerging as one of the most refined entries in the Halo series. Recent updates, including the introduction of Easy Anti-Cheat and network optimizations, have greatly enhanced the overall gameplay experience. As development efforts on Halo: The Master Chief Collection begin to wind down, the hope is that additional resources will be allocated to further enrich Halo Infinite.