Valve Trademarks 'Deadlock': New Multiplayer Shooter Imminent?

Valve has recently trademarked the name Deadlock, indicating that an official reveal could be imminent. Deadlock, rumored to be Valve's latest third-person multiplayer shooter, has been the subject of numerous leaks over the past month.

Development on Deadlock began at least as early as 2022 under the codename Neon Prime, despite no official announcements. Initially, the game was speculated to be a 6-v-6 spinoff of Dota 2. However, recent leaks suggest that it has evolved into a standalone title. With the game’s existence now almost confirmed, Valve is pushing forward with the next steps in its development.

According to Tyler_McV on Twitter, Valve filed for the Deadlock trademark on May 30, just days after gameplay footage leaked online. The trademark application is currently under review by various attorneys, and once approved, Valve can proceed with an official announcement.


New Multiplayer Hero Shooter 'Deadlock' Leaked Before Official Reveal

Although Valve has not officially unveiled Deadlock, significant information about the game has already surfaced online. A brief clip posted on Twitter offers a glimpse of early gameplay, featuring a roster of 19 characters. The game appears to be set in a futuristic, steampunk world, drawing comparisons to Bioshock Infinite and Overwatch. Gameplay mechanics seem reminiscent of Dota, requiring players to navigate a large map, eliminate enemies, earn cash, and power up their characters.

Valve is known for keeping its projects under wraps and occasionally misleading fans. The Deadlock trademark could be a strategic response to the recent leaks. When Neon Prime was trademarked, some speculated it was an alternate title for the long-awaited Half-Life 3. Although Half-Life 3 has yet to materialize, the leaked gameplay of Deadlock lends credibility to the new trademark.

Despite the trademark for Deadlock being filed recently, an official announcement may still be some time away. Nevertheless, fans are already buzzing with excitement, especially given Valve's history of successful games like Half-Life, Portal, and Counter-Strike. With gameplay footage circulating online, Valve appears to be accelerating its efforts to preempt any further leaks.