New Doom Game Set in a Medieval World Reportedly Leaked: "Doom: The Dark Ages"

Doom fans have reason to be excited, as rumors about the next installment in iD Software's iconic FPS franchise suggest that the title has been leaked. The upcoming game, reportedly named "Doom: The Dark Ages", is expected to be revealed soon, promising a significant shake-up that could thrill long-time enthusiasts.

Since the release of Doom Eternal in 2020, iD Software has been quietly working on their next project, leaving fans speculating about what’s coming next. There were rumors that the Zenimax studio might reboot Quake, much like they did with Doom in 2016. Given that Doom Eternal's The Ancient Gods expansions concluded the story arc of the last two games, it seemed plausible that iD Software might switch to another franchise. However, recent leaks suggest that the developer's next game is indeed another Doom title.

According to Insider Gaming, the next Doom game is called "Doom: The Dark Ages". This new entry, reportedly in development for at least four years, is said to be set in a "medieval-inspired doom world," potentially serving as a prequel to the recent reboot series. Insider Tom Henderson mentioned that "Doom: Year Zero", which was leaked in September 2023 during Microsoft's court case with the FTC, was actually the codename or placeholder for "Doom: The Dark Ages". Documents dating back to 2020 support the claim that this game has been in the works for a considerable time.

Medieval Doom: A Fresh Take on the Classic FPS

The idea of a Doom game set in a medieval world is likely to excite many fans. As a Microsoft-owned studio, iD Software is expected to reveal this new Doom game during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9. It’s anticipated that, like other first-party titles, the game will be available on Game Pass from day one. However, it's unclear if it will be an Xbox exclusive. Given Microsoft's recent trend of multi-platform releases, Doom: The Dark Ages might also come to PlayStation and Nintendo consoles.

Regardless of exclusivity, the concept of a medieval-era Doom game offers a refreshing twist on the beloved first-person shooter franchise. Fans are hopeful that this rumored third installment in the reboot trilogy will be well-received, unlike 2004's Doom 3, which had a mixed reception within the community.