Valve's New Game 'Deadlock' Announcement Imminent, Says YouTuber

Fans have been buzzing about Valve's upcoming game, Deadlock, for days now, eagerly awaiting more details. According to YouTuber Tyler McVicker, an official announcement might be just around the corner.

Deadlock is a competitive third-person 6 vs. 6 hero-based shooter set on a four-lane map. The game is described as a blend of Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Valorant, Smite, and Orcs Must Die, featuring playable abilities and items, tower defense mechanics, robots, and a fast-travel system with floating rails.


McVicker claims that "hundreds" of people are currently playtesting the game in its alpha stage, including Valve employees and some YouTubers, who can also recommend other players for participation. With so many involved, McVicker is surprised that Deadlock hasn't leaked sooner.

Although there is no confirmed date for the game's announcement, McVicker noted that Valve has historically revealed new titles weeks after similar closed alpha tests. The current leaks might expedite this announcement.

June seems like a prime month for the Deadlock announcement, as it traditionally hosts numerous game reveals, particularly around the E3 period before its closure. Additionally, we might also hear about the next Call of Duty being available on Game Pass from day one around the same time.