told about Main Case Opening Tactics for Better Loot

Almost every CS:GO player has opened a case at least once. But how many of those players ever thought about a strategic approach to case opening? Using a certain tactic when cracking up boxes can drastically improve your results and give you much better loot. So today, we want to present you with the most effective tactics you can start using right away, and the results won't make you wait!

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Get Ahead When the Case Drops

Valve consecutively releases new cases to the CS:GO, each containing fresh skins. And as you can guess, all this new juicy stuff always has a high cost. So why don't we take advantage of this situation?

To do that, we need to acquire one or a few fresh cases and try to get something worthy. Even though the case price is higher at the release, the costs of the items inside are worth the risk. And the better skin you get, the higher your profit will be.

Always Check What's Inside

You should never rush to open a case if you notice one fancy skin inside. Considering how many items are inside, the chance of you getting that one skin is pretty low. So that is why you should always check the prices of every item in the box.

That way, you can count the potential profit from opening a single case. And as a result, you can apply this process to multiple cases, so you will know what is the best case to open for profit at the moment. But not everybody is in the mood to spend his time on calculations. That is when the research about the best cases to open at the moment might come in handy. So just look through the list and find the case you are interested in.

Be Up to Date With The Market

If you seek profit in case-opening, then you should constantly track the prices of skins. Why? Well, CS:GO, and the Steam market has a pretty interesting economy. Thus, there are many factors influencing the price of the items:

● Chance of the case drop. If the cases are less likely to drop, the prices of them, and the items inside will jump. In the rare occasions when the cases don't drop at all, the jump will be more than significant (Cobblestone collection and AWP Dragon Lore, for example);

● Hype. Media has a big influence on the CS:GO market, and if a popular streamer/player appears with an item from a certain case, its price might go up;

● market flow. Sometimes, the prevalence of a certain skin in the market can go down. When that happens, the prices naturally go up.

Each one of the occasions from above should be a trigger for case openers to start acting. Thus, if you want to take advantage of price jumps, you need to swiftly buy cases while they haven't raised in price too, And then, you should hope to get an exact item from a case.

Stay Cold Headed

If you aim to open cases for profit, you should never be doing unthoughtful acts. Otherwise, the whole process might fail and leave your Steam account bankrupt. So what should you do then?

First, you need to apply the two last tactics we gave you. And in addition to that, you need to be aware of what might happen in the future that will influence your case opening.

Knowing all those factors, you need to devise a case opening schedule that will be optimal for getting profit. For example, knowing that Valve will release a new case next week , you would need to restrict yourself from opening too many cases at the moment so that you can buy more new ones.

If you have that kind of plan and stick to it, you will gradually notice how you start getting much more consistent with case opening. Of course, there might be days when you let yourself go crazy and buy a few extra cases, but doing that regularly will lead to the collapse.

Don't Forget About Fun

Even though many of us chase profit when opening cases, a fun factor can't be ignored. That is why as soon as you stick to your plan, you should try your best to relax and just get the joy out of the process!