Sony Sued Over Discrimination

Emma Maho, a former IT security analyst for Sony PlayStation, has filed a lawsuit against the company in California, accusing her employer of gender discrimination and illegal firing after she spoke out "about discrimination against women."

The lawsuit alleges violations of the United States Equal Pay Act, which states: “Sony discriminates against female employees and those who identify as women in compensation and promotion issues and subordinates them to their work culture, dominated by men. "

Maho claims she was ignored by a manager who only responded to men, was locked out of promotion and fired after filing a complaint about gender bias at the company. The former employee also reports that other women in the company have fought for promotions at the same rate as men.

She also accused Sony of violating labor laws, citing the fact that the girls in the company have lower wages than their male colleagues. After that, Maho was fired, citing the closure of the unit. However, it is reported that she worked in a different department.