EA FC 24’s Ultimate Birthday Pack Price Causes Outrage: Is This the Tipping Point for Fans?

EA FC 24 has once again sparked controversy among its fanbase due to the exorbitant prices of items in the Ultimate Team mode, continuing a series trend that has frequently drawn ire from its community. The latest cause for frustration is tied to the Ultimate Birthday event marking Ultimate Team's 15th anniversary, specifically the Ultimate Birthday Icon Guarantee Pack. This pack, demanding a whopping 750,000 Coins or 5,000 FC Points, guarantees one Ultimate Birthday Icon, including legends like Thierry Henry, Ruud Gullit, or Dennis Bergkamp, alongside 20 Rare Gold Player Items rated 85 or above, with three assured to be 89 or above.

While the contents of the pack might be appealing, the price point has been deemed excessive by many. Acquiring enough coins for the pack requires significant gameplay hours, or alternatively, a $50 investment for FC Points.

EA FC 24's Ultimate Birthday Pack Sparks Outrage Among Players

The community's reaction to the new pack was overwhelmingly negative, with a Reddit post calling out the pack's price as possibly “the most expensive pack ever” going viral. The sentiment was echoed in the comments, with users expressing disbelief and frustration at the steep cost, highlighting more valuable ways to spend $50. Examples of alternative gaming investments listed included popular titles available for less during the Steam spring sale, such as Grand Theft Auto 5, Hogwarts Legacy, and Red Dead Redemption 2, to name a few.


This backlash is not isolated to EA FC 24 but reflects a broader discontent with microtransactions across various games, particularly those under EA's banner. The aggressive pricing strategy not only fuels ongoing debates about microtransactions but also risks alienating a portion of the game's fanbase. A speculative comment even suggested the eventual introduction of a "1 million coins pack by TOTS," indicating growing apprehension about the future pricing trends in EA’s games and the potential fallout from continued discontent.

As EA faces mounting criticism over its microtransaction model in EA FC 24, it remains to be seen how this will affect the relationship with its players and the future of in-game purchases.