Game-Changing Shifts: EA FC 24 Title Update 9 Promises Major Gameplay Overhaul Across Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and More!

EA Sports has officially unveiled the details of the upcoming EA FC 24 Title Update 9, set to roll out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. While the specifics are generally consistent across platforms, this update is poised to bring significant alterations to the overall gameplay experience.

Following the impactful Team of the Year (TOTY) promotion, the EA FC 24 Title Update 9 patch notes indicate a notable shift in the gaming landscape. Notably, trivelas or outside foot shots seem to be in line for a substantial nerf.

Here's a breakdown of the major modifications slated for the forthcoming update across different facets of the game:


EA FC 24 Title Update 9 Patch - Ultimate Team:

*Resolved stability issues related to placing an Evolved Player Item in an Evolution slot.

*Corrected display errors in some Player Item rarities.

*Fixed the News menu video player not expanding to full screen.

*Addressed occurrences of pyrotechnics appearing in the center of the pitch.

EA FC 24 Title Update 9 Patch - Career Mode:

*Eliminated duplicate requests in the Decisions tab for Player career mode.

*Ensured Youth Players meet requirements before having the Chip Shot PlayStyles.

*Fixed Training Drills in Player Career mode not utilizing the player’s created Pro.

EA FC 24 Title Update 9 Patch - Gameplay:

*Enhanced AI teammate positioning and marking decisions in cutback scenarios.

*Reduced the effectiveness of Outside Foot Shots for players with or without the Trivela PlayStyle and PlayStyle+.

*Moderately decreased Outside Foot Shot accuracy.

*Diminished the maximum potential top spin from an Outside Foot Shot.

*Updated player selection logic during Secondary Contain.

*Addressed issues such as improved referee foul calling logic in the box, unintentional player stumbling, and goalkeepers incorrectly handling the ball.

EA FC 24 Title Update 9 Patch - General, Audio, and Visual:

*Implemented various updates to ad boards, player models, trophies, crowd chants, kits, hair, sleeve sponsors, badges, boots, balls, star heads, stadium themes, VIP Areas, match scenes, and tifos.

*Fixed instances of defensive wall mispositioning in set piece Skill Games and Practice Arena situations.

*Resolved UI display errors in some Skill Games.

*Fixed stability issues and placeholder text and image occurrences.

The release date for Title Update 9 on current-gen systems remains unconfirmed, and further changes may accompany the update beyond those outlined here.