Heretics signed FrenchFrogs

LOGAN, davidp, Maka, JiNKZ and jeyN are known for their performances for 3DMAX. As soon as their interests got different from the organization's, the players continued playing under the tag FrenchFrogs. On 2 May, almost the moment when 3DMAX left, they managed to get a win at VulkanBet Invitational and gain the main money prize of $10,000.

Meanwhile, Team Heretics stopped the work of their CS:GO roster on 3 July releasing the last player. We should mark that GoY, who used to work with the French roster at 3DMAX as a manager, took the same position at Team Heretics.

Heretics roster:

David ‘davidp’ Prins
Bryan ‘Maka’ Canda
Gaetan ‘JiNKZ’ Jamin
Logan ‘LOGAN’ Corti
Jeremy ‘jeyN’ Nguyen