GODSENT sign NoChance

Information about Europeans joining the Swedish organization appeared on the GODSENT Twitter account. Ex-player of the professional scene and part-time co-founder and manager of the eSports club Marcus 'pronax' Wallsten admitted that he was very pleased with the opportunity to sign players who previously played under the NoChance and SMASH tags. He compared this event with a lottery win and hopes that the team will eventually be able to gain a foothold in the twenty best CS: GO teams according to HLTV.

Two days ago, Maikelele with his teammates left SMASH Esports, and literally immediately known insider and journalist Guillaume 'neL' Canelo said that the squad was most likely to join the ranks of GODSENT. According to him, SMASH wanted to replace the roster without the knowledge of the players.

GODSENT roster:

Mikail 'Maikelele' Bill
Martin 'STYKO' Stick
Kevin 'kRYSTAL' Amend
Essay 'zehN' Lignala
Pavle 'maden' Boskovich