pashaBiceps joins AGO on probation

In addition to Jaroslaw 'pashaBiceps' Jarzabkowski, Patryk 'Sidney' Korab and Adrian 'SAYN' Laczynski, who previously represented PRIDE and PACT, respectively, joined the roster. They will take the places of the departed Eryk 'leman' Koceba, Milosz 'mhL' Knasiak and Olek 'hades' Miskiewicz, who did not fit the organization during the probationary period.

pashaBiceps left VP after more than five years of cooperation. He participated in online tournaments as part of Youngsters.

The updated AGO roster will look like this:

Damian 'Furlan' Kislowski Dominik 'GruBy' Swiderski Adrian 'SAYN' Laczynski (trial period) Jaroslaw 'pashaBiceps' Jarzabkowski (trial period) Patryk 'Sidney' Korab (trial period) (leased from PACT) Mikolaj 'miNIr0x' Michalkow - trainer