Secret Releases Counter-Strike Roster: Players Now Free Agents After Struggles

Secret has announced the release of their Counter-Strike roster, with all players now entering free agency after a series of lackluster results.

The European organization exited the Counter-Strike scene at the end of 2020 after releasing its roster, which included players like Guy "⁠anarkez⁠" Trachtman and Dionis "⁠sinnopsyy⁠" Budeci. They re-entered the scene in early 2024 by signing another European roster led by the Israeli AWPer.

The new team struggled from the start, failing to advance through the RMR open qualifiers and suffering early exits at A1 Gaming League Season 8 and European Pro League Season 14.

Secret attempted to turn things around by making two roster changes, bringing in Filipe "⁠NOPEEJ⁠" Dias and coach Gustavo "⁠Juve⁠" Alexandre. However, the results did not improve, and the team remained outside the top 100 in the world rankings.


The following players are now free agents:

Additionally, Gustavo "⁠Juve⁠" Alexandre, the head coach from Portugal, is also a free agent.