Unlock the Secret to Higher FPS in Counter-Strike 2: Prodigy CEO Reveals Game-Changing Shadow Settings!

Today, the CEO of Prodigy showcased on their Twitter how to enhance FPS in Counter-Strike 2 by tweaking the video.txt config settings.

The crux of the strategy lies in reducing the shadow quality to the lowest setting without losing critical visual information, as shadows will still be visible on your screen. Interestingly, setting shadows to this low quality can actually provide additional valuable insights, especially regarding smoke grenades. With shadows set to low, player shadows through smoke become visible, unlike the shadow from the smoke itself, which disappears.


However, it's crucial to understand that these adjustments must be made directly in the video.txt file, not through the in-game settings menu, to achieve the desired effect. This method allows players to fine-tune their shadow settings, striking a balance between low and high-quality shadow visuals.

This setup ensures visibility of player shadows in corners and at the edges of smoke, making it a game-changer for all Counter-Strike players.