SKADE says goodbye to its Bulgarian CS:GO roster

The Norwegian esports organization SKADE announced the parting with its Bulgarian CS:GO roster. It is reported that the parties failed to agree on the extension of contracts.

We have decided to part ways with our Bulgarian CS:GO roster. We tried to find a solution with the players, but we couldn't reach an agreement on further contract extensions. We started negotiations with the players last week and were going through the formalities with the organizers we are working with at the moment. The club will now take a step back and consider our next options on stage. We shared many memories and moments of joy together, but all good things come to an end. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors!

SKADE introduced its first CS:GO roster back in 2019, but since then only dennyslaw and Rainwaker have remained on the team. While SHiPZ joined the roster last season, at the beginning of this year, the organization completed the team with experienced bubble and dream3r.

Together, the Bulgarian team became the winner of the A1 Gaming League 2022, Elisa Invitational Winter 2021, Pinnacle Cup III, Polska Liga Esportowa Superpuchar 2022 and Clash of Leagues 2022, and also made it to the TOP-3 following the results of Pinnacle Winter Series #3 and TWR Eastern European Masters: Spring 2022. However, SKADE once again missed out on an RMR tournament, and also never played in a major championship.

Note that the Norwegian organization recently introduced the second CS:GO roster, which included young players from the local scene. It is likely that in the near future the club will focus its efforts on the development of SKADE X.

As for the Bulgarian five, there is a possibility that the backbone of the former team will continue to stick together. Currently, the team is playing as part of the regular season ESEA Season 42: Advanced Division - Europe, and is also preparing for the start of TWR Eastern European Masters: Fall 2022.

The latest SKADE CS:GO roster: