Relog Media and Eden Esports shared their plans for the future

Tournament operators Relog Media and Eden Esports, members of the Champion of Champions ecosystem, shared their future plans for hosting their championships. While Eden Esports does not plan to hold tournaments in the near future due to hostilities in Ukraine, Relog Media remained restrained and emphasized that they had already provided assistance to some players from Ukraine and Russia.

Earlier, Elisa Esports, which leads the Champion of Champions ecosystem, announced that it would stop inviting Russian organizations to its championships. While the decision will not affect Elisa Invitational Winter 2021, as no Russian teams currently compete, this means that organizations such as Gambit,, and forZe will not be able to participate in future tournaments from Elisa Esports.

Following this announcement, HLTV reached out to Relog Media and Eden Esports, who are also part of Champion of Champions, to see how they would handle the situation.

Eden Esports, the company behind the Malta Vibes tournaments, has revealed that there are no plans to host tournaments at this time. Company CEO Sergey Bidzan, formerly of StarLadder, explained that despite Eden Esports being based in Malta, many team members hail from Ukraine and are currently "either in bomb shelters or on the front lines."

On the other hand, Relog Media stated that it "does not believe that esports is comparable to politics", but emphasized that they helped more than 50 players from Ukraine and Russia with invitations, housing and PCs so that they could come to the country where Relog is based., Serbia, and prepare for upcoming tournaments.

Recall that the previously well-known tournament operators ESL and BLAST issued statements in which they banned Russian organizations, one way or another connected with the Russian Government, from participating in their championships. This applies to at least two clubs - and Gambit.