There have been changes in the stanislaw team

Yesterday, representatives of the Disconnected mix said that there were changes in their team. Phantom left the team, and his place was taken by silas, who previously played with players under this tag. The replacement was announced on Silas 'silas' Marrufo's Twitter account.

The esportsman will join American CS:GO star Peter 'stanislaw' Yarguz, David 'Delta9' Schaefer, Jacob 'SPERMY' Younan and Brody 'BeaKie' Kelly. Portal Dust2dk asked for a comment from the players of the team and asked about the reasons for such an act. The question was answered by Jake 'SPERMY' Younan. He said that the young phantom, who combines the duties of a schoolboy and a professional CS:GO player, would not be able to devote the proper amount of time to working in a team.

The composition of Disconnected now looks like this:

Now Disconnected are playing at ESL Challenger League Season 40 North America. The team got into Group B along with such teams as Party Astronauts, ChocoCheck, Strife Esports, MIBR, Team One, Eros and X13. So far, Disconnected have lost all three matches against Party Astronauts, ChocoCheck and Strife Esports. The team did not manage to take a single card in all three confrontations. Probably, in the fight against MIBR, Team One, Eros and X13, everything will go according to a different scenario, but now Disconnected is the main outsider in Group B.

Recently it became known that in the ESL Challenger League Season 40 North America, one team withdrew from the championship. Now, with the departure of Valors, Carpe Diem, ATK, Orgless, Bad News Bears, ONET4P, paiN Gaming and Third Impact are left in the playoffs.

The total prize pool of the current tournament is $50,000. The winner will take $20,000 and an invitation to the ESL Pro League Conference Season 16. Staying at the latter will help the top six participants of the tournament to break into the top division of ESL Pro League Season 16, where a large prize pool of $835,000 and an invitation to the BLAST World Finals 2022 will be up for grabs.