RED Canids may sign HEN1 and LUCAS1 composition

According to the DRAFT5 portal, the Brazilian esports organization RED Canids may sign a new roster assembled by the brothers HEN1 and LUCAS1. At the same time, the team still has not decided on the fifth player, considering several options at once.

The first news about the intentions of HEN1 and LUCAS1 to assemble a new lineup appeared last week. Then the Brazilian brothers only discussed the creation of the composition, while there was no specific talk about the organization.

Recall that HEN1 and LUCAS1 were left without a team last fall, when they were released from 00 Nation. At the same time, the silver medalists of PGL Major Kraków 2017 have rich experience in the international arena in the FURIA and MIBR teams, respectively. The third player of the team should be shz, who spent the last season with MIBR, winning with the CBCS Elite League Season 1 team.

As the fourth member of the roster, KHTEX is called, who should become the captain of the new team. At the same time, the Brazilian spent the last season with Paquetá Gaming, with whom he won WESG 2021 Latin America: Brazil and Aorus League 2021 Season 2.

According to sources close to the situation, RED Canids is actively negotiating, but has not yet signed a contract with any of the players. At the same time, all esportsmen are free agents.

Decenty is considered as the fifth player, who currently plays for FURIA Academy. However, the need to buy the 17-year-old Brazilian from FURIA could become an obstacle in future negotiations. In this regard, RED Canids may look to the free agent market.

It is reported that the team intends to participate in the open qualifier for the RMR tournament for America in order to get to the PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

The new Brazilian lineup looks like this: