Alexander Streloverzhets is the new hero of RAID: Shadow Legends

Plarium, the developers behind RAID: Shadow Legends, announced that a highly unusual hero of legendary rarity will appear in the game. It will be Ukrainian esportsman Alexander 's1mple' Kostylev. The sniper stood out so much from other CS: GO players that Plarium decided to add him as a shooter to their game. There, he will not deviate from his signature abilities and will be a ranged hero with abilities inherent in gifted shooters.

Alexander Streloverzhets is the new hero of RAID: Shadow Legends. Photo 1

Plarium representatives said that they spent a lot of time with the NAVI player in order for him to explain how he sees himself in the game RAID: Shadow Legends. This means that the development of the character was carried out in conjunction with one of the most famous CS: GO players.

Platirum Development Director Sergey Bragilevsky commented on the situation as follows:

We're thrilled to have one of the greatest CS: GO players of all time become a legendary hero in Raid: Shadow Legends. We spent a lot of time with S1mple to determine how he sees himself in the world of Raid, and we look forward to when players get the opportunity to add him to the team.

Tomorrow, the RAID: Shadow Legends game will start a promotion that will bring a Ukrainian shooter from Natus Vincere to the game. It will last two months. In order to get the hero Alexander Streloverzhets (this is what the fantasy version of s1mple will be called in the game from Plarium), you will need to log into the game seven days in a row as part of the action.

Alexander Kostylev is pleased with the work done and expects fruitful cooperation with the game developers. He commented on the situation as follows:

It was an incredible experience to see me become the champion of Raid: Shadow Legends, especially the one that symbolizes my talents in CS: GO. Can't wait for my fans to get the opportunity to add this character to their team and always hit the mark!

This turn of events can hardly be called unexpected. Natus Vincere has been collaborating with Plarium since the beginning of this year. RAID: Shadow Legends is regularly advertised in various Born to Win media, and the game's logo is featured on the players' uniforms.

This is not the first time that a PC game star has been featured in a Plarium title. In July, renowned streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins appeared as a playable character in RAID: Shadow Legends.