Case Esports Signs New Brazilian Roster

Brazilian esports organization Case Esports is planning to sign a new roster, led by former Movistar Riders. According to Rush B Media, an organization owned by Casemiro of Spanish soccer club Real Madrid is already in talks with potential candidates.

The Brazilian organization first entered the professional scene at the end of 2020, having failed to make a splash on the European scene. After several months of disappointing results, the organization decided to put the Brazilian squad on the bench. Since July, the team did not participate in tournaments, assessing their future prospects.

At the helm of the new project will be steel, who was put on the bench at Movistar Riders in October. Helping him will be honda, which was recently exiled to FURIA Academy from the main team. The third member of the team should be f4stzin, who has been in the shadows for a long time after playing for Yeah Gaming in 2020.

The last players in the new roster will be yepz and nqz. If the former previously played for Case Esports, the 16-year-old player can boast of playing for DETONA Gaming.

The likely roster of Case Esports is as follows: