4glory announced line-up changes

Serbian esports organization 4glory announced changes in its CS: GO roster. As a result of the changes, the team deactivated dEE and sarenii, and also allowed the feedme trainer to consider proposals from other organizations. In an official statement from 4glory, the organization is upset about the team's poor performance.

dEE joined the team in February 2021. In turn, sarenii moved to the 4glory camp in May of the same year. During this time, the team managed to win Esport Adria Prvenstvo Season 5 and Kuvo OneTap Fall 2021.

In turn, feedme took over the team in June 2021, failing to take 4glory to the next level. Under the leadership of the 27-year-old Serbian specialist, the team consistently failed in TIER-2 championships such as the Pinnacle Fall Series and the European Development Championship.

From now on, the composition of 4glory is as follows: