Halo Infinite Introduces Operation "Anvil" with New Content and Big Team Battle Mode

Starting from July 2nd and running until July 30th, Halo Infinite has launched its latest Operation, titled "Anvil." Departing from the traditional seasonal format, 343 Industries has opted for Operations to introduce new content incrementally. Operation "Anvil" brings forth a new Battle Pass, a variety of cosmetics, and an exciting addition to the multiplayer playlist with the Big Team Battle (BTB) Sentry Defense mode.

Operation Pass and Rewards

Operation "Anvil" features a free 20-tier "Operation Pass" accessible to all players throughout its duration. Those who don't complete the pass during this period can purchase it for 500 credits to retain access indefinitely. Alternatively, players can instantly unlock all 20 tiers for 2,000 credits, bypassing the need for progression.

New Features and Updates

The Anvil Operation includes new content inspired by the collaboration between UNSC and the Arbiter's Swords of Sanghelios. This update marks another step in Halo Infinite's ongoing evolution, focusing on community engagement and expanding gameplay options.

BTB Sentry Defense Mode

A standout addition in Operation "Anvil" is the BTB Sentry Defense mode, a community-developed game type featuring two teams of 12 players. Each team defends its AI-controlled sentry while attempting to destroy the enemy's. The mode introduces strategic depth with objectives tied to defending and attacking sentries, utilizing Repair Field equipment to maintain or reduce scores.

New Maps and Community Contributions

Accompanying the BTB Sentry Defense mode is the introduction of the community-made map, "Command," available within the Big Team Battle playlist. This addition enhances gameplay diversity and showcases community creativity within Halo Infinite's expansive multiplayer experience.

Improved Customization and Accessibility

Operation "Anvil" enhances the player experience with improved accessibility to exchange items through the Customize menu. Previously released items from past operations will now be available, streamlining the customization process and ensuring ongoing relevance of in-game rewards.

Resolved Issues and Stability

The update addresses various bugs and enhances stability, particularly on Xbox One consoles, ensuring smoother gameplay and overall performance improvements.