Halo Infinite Unveils 'The Yappening 2': Dive Into New Maps, Gruntpocalypse Returns, and Exclusive Rewards!

Halo Infinite is set to launch "The Yappening 2" event this month, introducing a fresh map, a complimentary Operation Pass loaded with brand-new rewards, and a revival of Gruntpocalypse, over a decade since its debut in Halo Reach.

In 2024, 343 Industries is bolstering Halo Infinite with continuous updates and fresh content. The latest updates have introduced the Easy Anti-Cheat system for PC users and substantial network enhancements in March. These updates have also brought experimental changes to the Competitive Skill Rank payouts and various game balance adjustments. April's update kicks off The Yappening 2, enriching both the standard multiplayer and the much-loved Firefight mode in Halo Infinite.

Through a recent Twitter announcement, 343 Industries unveiled the upcoming attractions in The Yappening 2 event, scheduled from April 2 to April 30. This event offers a free Operation Pass for all players, featuring 20 levels of rewards, including unique armor coatings like the Glibnub Special and Abundant Growth, the Load Bearing shoulder pad, and the Yapster and Gruntball weapon charms. The event's Premium Pass additionally rewards purchasers with the exclusive Glibnub's Golden Guns weapon coating. Furthermore, players can anticipate new customization features for the Mark VII armor and access to the new Corrosion arena map later in the month.

Highlights of The Yappening 2 Event in Halo Infinite


The Yappening 2 reintroduces Gruntpocalypse to the Firefight PvE mode, challenging players to combat waves of Grunt adversaries. It remains to be seen how this iteration of Gruntpocalypse will differ from its Halo Reach counterpart.

The event also signals the arrival of new premium items in the Halo Infinite shop, including the Boggart armor kit and the Conqueror shop bundle.

While details from a Halo Waypoint blog post on The Yappening 2 are pending, fans eagerly awaiting the event's commencement won't have to wait much longer. The Operation Pass system in Halo Infinite ensures that players who invest in the Premium Pass can still claim any unearned rewards post-event, until April 30, offering ample opportunity to secure new equipment. Looking ahead, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for Halo Infinite and its fan base, with ongoing support and innovation from 343 Industries.