An Exciting Halo Experience Beyond Screens: Tabletop Game Set to Launch in 2023

While the next installment in the Halo video game series remains a mystery, fans can anticipate a different kind of Halo experience later this year. 343 Industries has joined forces with Mantic Games to introduce a tabletop game set in the iconic Halo universe.

The most recent release in the Halo gaming series, Halo Infinite, faced challenges upon its November 2021 launch, leaving players dissatisfied with its initial state and the absence of a campaign. Despite ongoing updates, the single-player campaign is yet to be unveiled. However, the collaboration between 343 Industries and Mantic Games brings an innovative tabletop game to the forefront.

Although the upcoming project is currently unnamed, Mantic and 343 have revealed details about this miniature-based tabletop game. The confirmed components so far include miniature Spartans, with the inclusion of vehicles and Covenant races still under speculation. Previews for the game are set to debut in March, building anticipation for its full release in September.


Expressing confidence in the project, Mantic Games CEO Ronnie Renton conveyed his satisfaction with the game, foreseeing a thrilling experience for Halo enthusiasts. This venture marks a return for Halo to the tabletop realm, with the previous attempt being Halo ActionClix in 2007. Unfortunately, ActionClix, featuring Spartans, UNSC forces, vehicles, and aliens like Hunters, was discontinued in 2008, just a year after its launch.

The intersection of tabletop and video games is not uncommon, with various titles transitioning between the two formats. Examples such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Baldur's Gate 3 demonstrate this synergy, drawing inspiration from tabletop RPGs like Cyberpunk 2020 and Dungeons & Dragons, respectively. Given this dynamic, the forthcoming tabletop version of Halo is poised to engage both longtime fans of the video game series and tabletop gaming enthusiasts.