Palworld Players Unleash Genius Colosseum Tactic to Thwart Base Raids: A 200 IQ Trick Revealed!

A resourceful Palworld player has ingeniously devised a strategy to thwart base raids by constructing a Colosseum-inspired edifice around their spawn point. Palworld, at its core, is a survival game where players capture Pals, and the Palpagos Islands are fraught with perils as players embark on their adventures.

Among these perils are raids, an inevitable menace that befalls Palworld players once they establish their bases. These raids occur randomly, their intensity dictated by the level of the player's base. Comprising either humans or aggressive Pals, these incursions aim to obliterate the player's base, transforming them from mere inconveniences into chaotic encounters. In response to this challenge, a savvy Palworld player has shared a "200 IQ" trick with the gaming community.

Axljio, a Reddit user, uncovered a method to halt base raids in Palworld by erecting a structure around the raiders' spawn point. A screenshot shared by the player depicted a coalition of Free Pal Alliance Eco-Terrorists and Grass-type Pal Lyleen converging to assail their base. However, instead of progressing with the raid, the adversaries found themselves ensnared within a circular structure devoid of exits in the midst of a clearing. The player, perched atop their Frostallion, observed the trapped raiders from above. The Free Pal Alliance, one of Palworld's five factions involved in raids, advocates for the freedom and ethical treatment of Pals, as per the game's lore.


The ingenious Palworld trick received accolades from fellow Redditors who commended the player's cleverness in devising a simple yet effective solution to combat raids. Some players shared that they had constructed Palworld bases impervious to raids by situating them atop mountains, rendering them inaccessible to enemies. Interestingly, this isn't the sole method to counter base raids in Palworld; there exists the "unraidable base glitch," allowing players to employ Viewing Cages as invisible barriers to shield their bases.

While Palworld's raid system introduces an added layer of challenge to the gameplay, it remains confined to bases. The release of Palworld's roadmap by developer Pocketpair promises the inclusion of Raid Bosses as part of the end-game content. This expansion offers Palworld players new perils to confront and fresh avenues for entertainment in the ensuing months.