S1mple revealed details about his salary while in HellRaisers

Professional esports athlete Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev reminisced about his days with the HellRaisers team. According to him, after the team's successful performance at DreamHack Winter 2014, his salary was increased.

"For me, DreamHack Winter 2014 was the first Major in my career. When we qualified for the tournament, my salary was increased by $200-300, bringing it to $800 per month. At that time, it was a significant amount of money," shared s1mple.

The player recalled how, before the Major, they asked B1ad3 to become their coach. The team's boot camp took place at the Inferno Online computer club in Stockholm, where iBUYPOWER players also trained. "We traveled to the Major together on the same bus, it was fun. At that time, many were discussing whether flusha was cheating," s1mple reminisced.

HellRaisers, with Kostylev on board, secured the 5-8th place at the Major in Sweden, earning $10,000 in prize money as part of the Eastern European team.