A gamer crafted a skin for the AK-47 in CS 2 valued at up to $1 million

In the virtual world of CS 2, where digital items become objects of passion and collecting, a player has crafted a unique skin for the AK-47 (StatTrak™) | Case Hardened. This extraordinary creation was revealed by the renowned streamer ohnePixel.

According to ohnePixel, the skin he crafted with a float of 0.04 and pattern 661 could be valued in the range of $800 thousand to $1 million. The uniqueness of this skin lies not only in its technical characteristics but also in the fact that no stickers have been applied to the weapon. This seemingly minor detail adds even greater value to the item, as the presence of stickers can significantly boost its market value.


Such creative and unique works in the world of virtual games attract the attention of collectors and investors, shaping a specialized market for those willing to invest in digital items. The creation of exclusive skins becomes a unique form of art, bringing satisfaction to the player and capturing the community's attention with its uniqueness and value.