SEMINTE returned to the Nexus

The Romanian esports organization Nexus has announced changes to its CS:GO roster, welcoming SEMINTE to its ranks. Note that the 24-year-old Romanian esportsman has already represented the colors of the club in the past.

We know there have been many theories about the presence of SEMINTE on our team. After a month-long bootcamp and after many victories, he managed to secure a permanent spot on the Nexus team. From today we can officially welcome SEMINTE.

SEMINTE first joined Nexus at the end of 2017, but left the team a few months later to join XPC Gaming. Over the next few years, the 24-year-old Romanian esportsman returned to the team several times, most recently joining Nexus in June 2020.

However, already in October, SEMINTE left the team again, joining Infinite Gaming. However, at the end of the season, the player again found himself without a team, returning as a free agent to Nexus. Already in the new season, the 24-year-old Romanian helped the team win Jaxi League Season 1, as well as take 5-6th place in Painkillers Cup Season 2.

SEMINTE will make its full debut with Nexus tomorrow, February 28th. The team will compete in the Pinnacle Winter Series #3.

The Nexus lineup is currently as follows: