12.18: Worlds 2022 patch

Quite recently, literally a knock back, League of Legends chief balance designer Matt Leung-Harrison posted a previewof patch 12.18 on his Twitter , and today we know all the numbers for sure. As RiotPhroxzon promised, the changes are rather minor. It is on this patch that most of theWorlds 2022 should take place .


“12.18 is our last set of changes before Worlds. Most champions only receive minor adjustments, especially if we suspect recent changes are out of whack. We've made a significant amount of changes since the playoff patches, so we don't want to completely flip the meta."

Lately, RiotPhroxzon has been a little more frequent with phrases about “we don’t want to change the meta”, but this time it’s really true. All balance changes are very justified and not particularly noticeable for main champions.

12.18: Worlds 2022 patch. Photo 1

The developer himself comments on the patch as follows:

“In general, we are only making safe changes in this patch to balance the game more accurately. We have a lot of things that have never been seen before along with 12.16, 12.17, 12.18 on the professional stage, but we are sure that now we are in pretty good conditions after these changes. We buff Udyr as a duelist and nerf the tank.”

Particular attention is paid to the words of the main balancer about"previously unseen". After all, along with patch 12.16,an updated Udyr came to the Summoner's Gorge , which, for obvious reasons, was completely removed from the pro scene. His sudden appearance could greatly shake the situation with the Continental League playoffs.

12.18: Worlds 2022 patch. Photo 2

Udyr Changes

The Spirit Keeper gains a very strong buff to his [Q]Bear Stance, in which he uses lightning bolts. The first two attacks after activating the stance now have 50 additional range and deal damage based on maximum health. The ability was pretty strong against isolated targets without it.

[W] or Boar 's Stance gets a percentage shield debuff along with the healing, but in return adds an extra 5% lifesteal on top, which is pretty good.

[R]Ice Phoenix Stance and the main skill of the current meta has also received a relatively serious nerf that will weaken the build through ability power. It won't be as effective against champions.

In general, as Matt wrote, Udyr is returned to the assembly through attack power, the good old duelist is returned, who will beat enemies with his fists at high speed. Like most of the time the champion was played until his rework with the Tiger Stance. Apparently, Riot Games wants to see him in this role.

Champion Buffs

Ashe is putting an extra 5-15% attack speed on her[Q]which sounds really nice and will make the champion more playable as an ADK. Nowadays, she is most often seen as a poke support.

Thresh increases health gain per level and increases base damage[E]at all levels.

Lee Sin also gains a health boost and increased lifesteal from his[W].

Nasus will now reduce the attack speed of his opponents by a whopping 25% more when using the slow on[W]. And his ultimate will now recharge faster.

Champion Nerfs

Miss Fortune is getting her absolutely deserved nerf, the second in a row after her massive buff in patch 12.17.

Along with it, the nerf goes to the second ADK - Kalista, which is slightly reduced in damage and healing from skills.

Kayn's (Rhaast) red form is also nerfed by a percentage damage from his spam ability by[Q]. Indeed, in the master dash and above, assembly through Eclipse has become too popular.

Lulu finally continue to weaken. And this time the yordle got pretty hard. For a very long time, she has been holding the first position in the top supports because of her huge utility potential.

Hecarim is expected to get some damage nerfs with updated[Q]and reduced aura healing by[W]. Even so, I think the champion is still a very strong Bruiser and can expect another nerf.

Maokai shares the fate of Hecarim, after his "rebalance" and mini-rework, the champion is trying to balance, reducing the damage from the sapling and increased the healing from the passive ability. At the same time, the additional damage[Q]against forest monsters has been nicely increased.